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Welcome to Korea Seed & Variety Service

We heartily welcome you to the home page of the Korea Seed & Variety Service. Korea Seed & Variety Service is responsible for the following tasks pertaining to the management of seeds, one of the most fundamental elements of agriculture: protecting plant variety and ensuring the legal protection of the producers of new seeds; establishing a national variety list and the application of variety for the PVP of agricultural crops, highly significant for stable agricultural production; implementing a DUS test and a VCU test to ensure the applied variety of NL and R&D activities for characteristic survey techniques; securing the production and supply of superior seeds for core agricultural crops such as rice and barley; and undertaking circulation inspections of the seeds to prevent their illegal distribution.
The Korea Seed & Variety Service is dedicated to providing you with information about its tasks and activities in a prompt manner, and to reflecting your valuable feedback concerning the agricultural industry, including the protection of seeds, on its home page.
Your constant concern and encouragement will highly be appreciated.
Thank you.

Shin, Hyun-Kwan
Director Genenal of Korea Seed and Variety Service